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Balance as a key to productivity and fulfillment

What ‘Inbound Marketing’ is?

Have you ever heard about Inbound Methodology in digital marketing? I hope you did!

Stefano Vigliano

Stefano Vigliano

Inbound and Funnel Marketing evangelist

Graduated in law and passionate about innovation and technology, I discovered the digital world and launched my first start-up without even realizing what web marketing really was. Many years later, taken my ‘toga’ off (ehm… actually never worn!), my place is in front of a computer to develop ideas, in front of a good book to feed my imagination, in a wood to enjoy the company of my dogs. In the photo, I’m on the left.

Am I a Web Agency?

No. Not in the traditional meaning of the word. I call myself an entrepreneur who develops, takes risks and tests on his own.

What is

It is a website of contents distribution and deepening. The heart of Inbounder are his articles and downloadable materials.

Can I help you?

Maybe yes. I love to share ideas and collaborate on projects I believe. Contact me if you want. Let’s have four chats in front of a good coffee!

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